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Building Display

April 17, 2014

tami 1

From Tami

While in London I discovered the American Artist Haim Steinbach exhibiting at the Serpentine Gallery. Let’s call it the architecture of Display of “collectible” objects. This is a really intriguing display of everyday personal objects – in public.  Mostly I enjoyed the wallpaper most often found in a private interior which was woven into this Public Display.  Through May 5 for my London friends. My photo.



textile building books

April 16, 2014


I am working on some new infrastructure for Chairs and Buildings and some new directions, so stay tuned. But in the mean time I keep posting things that have been interesting in the few weeks. The other day while waiting for an appointment I popped into the Pratt library and saw this book, Textile Visionaries by Bradley Quinn,  in the new book section. Full of  the cutting edge of how to think about new textiles, I highly recommend it. Major innovators like Maggie Orth and friends NunoErin are featured with their newest work.

Building Lent

April 10, 2014

Angela Wright

From Tami

While in London I stumbled upon the beautiful little Southwark Cathedral.  Inside I found a stunning art installation by Angela Wright.  250 miles of wool from 40 different countries draped from high on the altar.  Commissioned by the Cathedral as a temporary installation for Lent, it seemed mixing realities (modern art/sanctity of the medieval church) and yet right at home on the altar.  Entitled “Forty Days” – her statement reads in part…”Is it the tears that were shed, the cloth that wiped his brow, the sheet they wound around him…or something more?”


April 7, 2014


From Benjamin

I’m no fan of computer games, even the non-violent “Tetris”  types, as I find them socially isolating and boring. And I’ve always thought that architect César Pelli’s Cira Centre, built next to the historic Beaux Arts 30th Street Station in my home town of Philadelphia, to possess all the elegance of a very large, overturned, paper bag.
Well, on Saturday the graceless curtain wall of the latter was transformed temporarily into the playing screen for the former as Drexel University computer professor Frank Lee hacked into the LED lighting system of the building to play a  29 story-high version of the vintage arcade game, as part of Philly Tech Week,and in honor of the game’s 30 anniversary.  While the project of commandeering private property to play a childish game of blocks is surely a silly prank, the self-indulgent and criminal aspects are, in this case I think, counterbalanced by the excitement of a public happening, and the considerable, if transient, aesthetic improvements.

building elusion

April 1, 2014

coco mad comp

From Benjamin

“Where is She Now?” is the name, and the theme, of the new commercial for Chanel’s “Coco Mademoiselle” fragrance.Directed by Joe Wright, set to the evocatively titled Zombies song, She’s Not There, and starring Keira Knightley as a glamorous, white tulle-sheathed woman who teasingly disappears from a party of black-clad revellers just when her would be suitor, (Russian actor Danila Kozlovsky) nearly catches up with her, the ad seems to suggest that the joy of seduction is less about finding true love (or sex) and more about escaping them.
Either descending an impossibly precipitous staircase into an enormous, ambiguously shaped, room; hiding behind the veil of a textured glass screen; magically dissolving into thin air in a sprinkle of sparkles; or zipping under a bridge in a vintage speedboat, all without losing eye contact with her paramour, the temptress might be a fabulous & desirable phantom – the personification of a tantalizing and elusive scent. On the other hand, she might just be a cipher.  The imagery is beautiful, and the packaging, alluring. But at a cost of $7,681.60 for a 900 ml bottle, one hopes to be sure it’s not… empty.



building resurrection

March 29, 2014


I had this work in my “to think about” folder since it exploded on-line at the first of the year. A wiley artist Mr. Finch makes objects and worlds out of discarded textiles and potential taxidermy. These are not new ideas but the innocence of his process is interesting. He is literally stitching things up to be revitalized. This caring for a discarded element is new, anti-consumerist and a pure activity…on to the rest of the day.

print building

March 27, 2014


I want so much to like this project but there is just something???? A joint intervention or let’s just say it a styling of a modern new apartment with some evocative ideas. Artists Elizabeth Duffy and Cheryl Yun have appointed the apartment that is DM Contemporary with some high conceptual ideas. Duffy has produced a number of decorative ideas with the pattern of the inside of a banking envelope, Yunhas made bikinis out of fabric that has catastrophic events digitally printed on them. I get it but what does it do beyond,beyond. If I were their teacher I would have them really collaborate and make decorative pillows out of wild-fire fabric. A finer example of making disturbing images into beauty, see the film on printmaker Amos Kennedy and review his artist book, Strange Fruit.


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