Drawing as Relational Act-Perry Kulper

-Do you draw everyday? No, sadly I hardly have time to draw at all, but aim to change that reality soon! -Do you think that there is a relationship in your practice between the hand and the computer? Both mediums, manual and digital ways of working, composites and hybrids of them (and other things) are…

The Practice of Drawing

Update: This next series of discussions will revolve around the idea, practice and meaning of drawing in art and design. Drawing is changing, bending and a foil for the way our built environment is rapidly changing. Amazing partitioners, Perry Kulper, Richard, Taransky, Benjamin Marcus, Sara Jones and Caleb Crawford and more will be commenting on…

Building Drawings

Final projects are due for the furniture class in a few weeks and we have been enjoying gaining inspiration from this book: The Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer’s Drawing Book. Beautifully rendered plates show dimensions and specifications for the 18th century’s best in furniture.   This post was originally published on November 9th, 2009

The History of the Night

Historic houses, period rooms, and battle field sites all engage the public in typical daytime historic activities. Cooking, weaving, iron forging, and other domestic chores are all public engagement activities that are choreographed for a sensual experience and a deeper understanding of the historic culture of the time. What is usually missing is the dark….