Monthly Archives: February 2012

building paper

From Tami Wedekind Mexican artist Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia weaves with painted paper strips.   In his installation Papel Tejido, large woven “blankets” represent landscapes of small towns, with the cross being the pattern of the weaving and emblem of the church.  The weaving style allows for a whole new piece depending on which direction you approach…

cocoon building

Please stop by the SET Gallery on 3rd Avenue venue to check out Sherry Aliberti’s newest space. Sherry is a young designer/ artist forging new ground in the spacial potential of fabric. The piece stands on its own as sculpture but she tantalizingly spoke of her performance scheduled for March 6th, with dancers and babies…

building triumph

Having a Dorothea Tanning morning, thinking about sunflowers (Eine Kliene Nachtmusik) and the conventions of fabric sculpture. Her Canape’ en temps de Pluie above- is captivating. Please read the “in her words” for the Hotel du Pavot and understand her” triumph over fabric”..