Monthly Archives: January 2012

flat building

Friday night we popped into MOMA to see what’s to see. I reluctantly went into the galleries featuring the work in the permanent collection from the eighties and found to my delight a very nicely considered room of Andrea Zittels work. I love her sprawl work!  Wallpaper and posters of aerial view photographs investigating the…

building talks

Just a heads up. There will be an artist talk next Sunday at 6:00pm for the Artist’s in Residence that are now showing at Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn. I will be talking about this project, The History of her Rooms.

building beautiful

My requirements are high for a “good room”. There has to be the right balance of architecture to furniture, colors and textures have to have meaning and purpose and it has to look like it works even when the occupant is using it…not just when the camera is there. For some reason this room sings…

building primative space

The weather is not as epic as I had primed myself for. But I am enjoying the dormat landscapes that New York is offering. One wonderful experience that I just bumped into was the work of Patrick Dougherty at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden a few weeks back. I love the ancient quality of space making…

building good

Currently investigating this condition lightly touched on in design mags for “Bloomberg’s Waste not Want Not” initiative.  I have encountered the work of Studiomama and her pallet chairs…finally,a pallet chair that transcends the “any pallet chair is good” scenario.