Monthly Archives: October 2011

building preparation- on the work table-

I am going to start a new Monday ritual. Inspired by a Tami Wedekind post about what she had on her desk prior to great things being produced. To start, is the very beautiful desk of friend and comrade Erin Wilson as she was preparing to start a series of quilts for the upcoming show…

building well

Honestly, Its rare that I get excited about an interior that I see in a magazine…let alone Architectural Record. This image of O+A Studio’s Quid project is exceptional. With Deborah Bowness library wallpaper, handsome gray¬† wing chairs with a narrative back… nice job guys.

building dance

Mad and I went to see The Forsythe Company at BAM last night. We are devotees and Mad has seen some very complex work by him at a very young age. Interestingly enough she still enjoyed it and this new work is pretty challenging. The thing I came away with was that a work and…

walk building

One of my favorite things about my new life is a walk to my studio everyday(almost) across the Carroll Street Bridge. Tiny, charming and undergoing a little makeover its a new kind of Brooklyn. Take a walk…great things will come of it.

Building function-

From Tami Wedekind The International Exposition of Sculpture Objects and Functional Art or SOFA Chicago is being held at the Navy Pier Nov 6-7. Here is a woven bamboo piece by YAMAGUCHI Ryuun represented by TAI Gallery at the expo.