Monthly Archives: July 2011

building systems

Summer research will include the study of the typical New England Hitchcock chairs with its intricate stenciling. “Invented” in 1818, the Hitchcock chair was derived from the idea that a chair could be mass produced and individualized if you look at the production of a watch which is produced via interchanging parts.  I also had…

building dance

This is the last day of being in Brooklyn and being a dance mom!  My head is filled with the beautiful images of last night’s performance of Mark Morris Dance Group at Prospect Park.  They preformed the awe-inspiring Gloria with the Brooklyn Philharmonic and Chorus…….I hate to over state things but it was sublime.

building peace

I have had an intense week of speaking to and interacted with some hyper smart people here in New York. I was introduced to the work of Jules Anderson and I simply thought well pretty-but for some odd reason the intelligent serenity she brings to her work is so needed in the design world. Its…

building breath

From Tami Wedekind Stacy Speyer’s work inspires me as a confluence of weaving and architecture – or weaving as architecture. Her large woven pieces are all hand woven on a 8′ wide loom with cotton sewing thread. That’s right, thread.  And yet they impact through their color, form and transparency. Her latest work springs from…

building notebook

Yesterday was my first day in the studio at TAC. An amazing six hour marathon of drawing. I was dizzy at the end-working, looking at books and the discipline of focus all in one day. I will have Shelia Hicks as my muse as I investigate-multiples, material and white.