Monthly Archives: December 2010

So great!

  We went to the American Ballet Theater’s new production of the Nutcracker.  So beautiful-run don’t walk to ge a ticket if you can.  The sets AND costumes by Richard Hudson are glorious.  Its very Ballet meets World of Interiors Mag.  Go and enjoy the Northern European sensibility…..

building meaning

Still mesmerized by being in NYC all week.  Everything sure is shiney and new.  This sweet 18th century chair seen on 1st dibs really tells a story of being a family’s or one persons in a family’s favorite chair.

Building pure

Many  inspiring things at MOMA this morning…I could go on and on. One thing that stuck with me is the very pure very impressive installation of the Andy Warhol Moving Pictures.  The entrance is nice with its archway of mylar ballons but the scale of the movie images in the space is just right…..

Building blue-update

This is a snap of the Park Avenue project that is being finished.  The client/comrade told us that this event at the parapet wall was her favorite so far.  If you look at the window sill you understand how thick the building walls are and therefore you understand how substancial and well built it is.  Build…