Monthly Archives: June 2010

Building shift

Count down to driving to Maine. In fairness to Starkville-since I photograph alot in Maine I have started to document things I see around here. And you must suffer through video learning number two!

Life building

The assemblages work of British duo Hannah Plumb and James Russell is great to explore. The retail world owes quite a bit to their very pure outlook. The concrete seat looks like velvet, is concrete…there are alot of ideas in that one.

Building Architecture

Our friend Will came back last weekend telling of a building adventure. He got to explore by himselfE. Fay Jones’ Stoneflower House. The name itself brings up some fine stories. He says you can stay for a weekend there by contacting the Red Apple Inn. He says that you live in the trees and the…

Building meaning in upholstery….2

It seems that there are other people who see the upholstered piece as a medium for political comment. South African artist Steven Cohen layers,layers of uncomfortable imagery of his country’s past on these baroque forms to make his point. In my opinion, this is the most successful of his work-the unassuming parlor is the place…