Monthly Archives: February 2010

Building upholstery

I have kept this image in my notebook folder for a while. The technique that artist/designer Joshua Ben Longo uses to make his “monster skin” fabric is similar to how I made the Colias for the Faulkner chair….. This is a tidy piece of invention…

reflective building

I was thrilled to hear about the resurgence of work from design Mattia Bonetti in a New York Times article. Evidently his show at Paul Kasmin’s gallery is quite fine. I loved this image with the reflection of of the back in the upholstery…I found it poetic.

Building making sense….

Spotted on avant garde designer Ghislaine Vinas‘ blog; the work of British designer Tom Price. Although this work was done a few years ago it feels very “new” to me. The seat being generated from the melting of the plastic and the PVC pipes being stable enough to make legs…..someone is either super smart or…

Building Ritual

Embedded in the buzz about the new Paris design Gallerie Slott was the intriguing work of Arik Levy. This chair entitled confessions just “speaks” of a sin that has been forgiven……..

Building a shift in gears…..

The Art Auction for Haiti Event was awesome. We raised money and we all learned something very valuable…that every one can make something that has value and make the world better. I got this image from the Reggio Emilia Teaching Facebook page because it reminded me that the power of making and seeing are two…