Monthly Archives: October 2009

Building form

A performance that I am hoping to see is the work of the Morphosis Ballet Company. Headed by Christopher Wheeldon, this brand spanking new company has some very radical ideas about making work, all projects are collaborations and some of the world’s top talent is stirring the pot.

In New York

We are in NYC today and the weekend with students. One of the things I am really looking forward to is the Tim Burton exhibition of his work and mostly drawings. A VERY accomplished draftsman, Burton is great for design teachers because you can point to him and say “see he draws all his ideas…

Building the page

The work of Bruno Munari is the result of 100 years of educational insight. As a designer he made his work the work of play, designing children’s books, toys and educational workshops that established children as the purest designers. It was said of him,”He was one big living toy”. Look for his work.

Building Pink

The iteration of building toys derived from the work of Maria Montessori in Italy at the turn of the century. The toys are designed to enhance the “release of human potentialities”. The Pink Tower is a favorite of designers. Designed to help the child visually understand the structural idea of “stacking” it is the toy…

The first building toy

The first designed building toys were a series devised by German educator Friedrich Froebel in the 1840’s. The series of twelve “gifts” were to be presented to the child during the kindergarten years and the lessons were built on as they developed. The intention was that the open ended objects would promote “free play” by…