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Building Myths

I had to share this wild image from the Latvian City of Riga. This comes up when searching for prime examples of Art Nouveau. Evidently, Riga was a hotbed of Art Nouveau activity at the turn of the 19th century. One of the characteristics of Art Nouveau is that it owes nothing to historical images…

Building expressions…..

I am slowly getting to modernism in the history class. The bridge from classicism to modernism is theArt Nouveau movement. The finest examples of this style are in Brussels due to the work of Victor Horta. Check out the web site for his house museum and you will forever want a “whiplash” in your decor……..

garden furniture…….

I am finishing the Marie Antoinette work soon (well maybe not soon) but I came across this piece of Margaret Elman who re-fashions (rather than re-purposes) french antiques with very new fabrics…..So chic!


One of the treats of teaching the history of design is that I find myself being MORE fascinated by the spaces and designers I thought I did not like. Art Nouveau,Deco and the like being styles that make me uncomfortable….. But in order explain the work of Fauvist painters I looked to Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s…

Building bulk

I found this via treehugger. And I promise this is the last Eindhoven graduate that I will look at this week. But Frank Willems was fascinated by the process of mattress reclamation and developed a technique to use the material to a beautiful end. Coating the reclaimed mattress with hypoallergenic coating and then using a…