Monthly Archives: December 2008

A New Building…..

This is an image from the work of Cai Guo–Qiane, another Prospect 1 artist. he conveniently works with fireworks and today is the last post of 2008. I know its been a rough one but there has been some wonderful things that have happened. So lets breath deeply and be thankful for the good and…

Building friendships

We got a very nice shout out from Costas Voyazis, the editor of Yatzer. He picked a Little Building Cafe post one of his favorite posts from 2008! I have really enjoyed being part of Costas Blog community this year. He has a very strong vision of the design world….and so optimistic!

Building terrain

Ah another artist I wish I was??? Leah Evans from Madison, Wisconsindoes very special work. Very large quilted maps. On her artist statement she very wisely says, “…maps create more of a question than an answer.”

Sitting on a method

This is more work done by Neta Amir. I am very jealous that she had this idea first. I can just image a whole generation of people sewing there own apartment rather than buying small picture frames to make yourself happy????