Monthly Archives: October 2008

Bear market chic…..

We are about to discuss upholstered pieces in the Furniture design class and my lazy scan of Cribcandy bought me to this piece. Made by Icelandic designer Sarah Engelke (yea, more Icelandic design!) This is a re-upholstered chair with pictures of its “inners” as the fabric. Pretty great. Now you know I can not help…

Building real buildings…..

This is a rendering of a Coggan + Crawford project that is going up in Brooklyn. It is aligned with the Little Building Cafe in that our client-Andrew Giancola is very commited to a minimal footprint building. This building will have a solar array and some very rigorous sustainable finishes. I will keep you posted.

The Color of Space-Blue

In my research on rooms of one color I came about The Blue Room at the White house. The advent of the room is interesting George Washington re-worked the room with a bow front in order to make an elliptical shape room for receptions referred to as levees. The guest would circle around the president…