Monthly Archives: July 2008

Maine Red

Honestly vacations are a brain softener for me. I try to keep my design edge but I benefit most from just using the time to see with no agenda…it sounds strange but seeing is kind of my job. This week has been a lot of family time, eating (the organic and local Maine produce is…

Summer Reading-Building community

I shifted away from the world of Marie Antoinette this summer and spent a little time reading an account of Lousia May Alcotts life with her dramatic father Bronson Alcott. The book is called Eden’s Outcasts and was written by John Matteson. Alcott the only true transcendentalist was a mentor of sorts to Emerson and…

Building Dresses-again

We are packing up and getting ready to head up to Maine but one thing I will miss is Andrea Zittel’s Smockshop is coming to Chinatown at the end of the week. I am so bummed. I have looked at Zittel’s work for years and have enjoyed her”total vision” of her work and the world….

Building Beauty

My friend Catherine sent me this great link of the company Lost City Products. Since I am an embroidery novice the site itself dazzles me. It also has these amazing films of Edison and early moving pictures-not to mention the blog that takes you to Turkey…..

Building Epic Expressions of Capitalism

There I said it….. I suppose the point of art is to ask more questions so The Waterfalls project has got me going. Elliasson’s propose for the project is to bring New Yorkers closer to to the river, But when I lived here I was close to river all the time. I walked over the…